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Apostle Nona Parker

Equip A Generation

"Life comes with questions...God comes with answers!" 




Apostle Nona is a 21st Century Apostle dedicated to cultivating guardians for God's Kingdom. Apostle Nona desires to see men and women of God move from being simply consumers of His grace to becoming producers of His power. Her ministry impact moves people from fear to greatness and unveils their rightful place in His kingdom. Her resources, services, and programs are designed for those who want to build, edify, expand and advance the Lord’s church. As a 21 year pastor of Antioch Christian Assembly in Joliet Illinois, Apostle Nona has learned how to become a “wise master builder.” Merging more than 7 church entities into a single collaborative vision, she has garnered years of experience and expertise in church planting, ministry development, leadership training and coaching including mediation and conflict resolution. Apostle Nona is often sought out to speak, teach, train apostles, prophets, five-fold leaders, and even up and coming ministers in kingdom advancement, guardianship, and governance. This dynamic leader, has developed prophetic curriculum, hosted numerous conferences and workshops, including the establishment of an online training camp entitled “Shamar Prophets.”


Apostle Nona is an ordained and commissioned Apostle, receiving credentialing through Price University and New Era Apostleship Restitution Society of Churches and Ministries located in Tulsa, OK. Apostle Nona has earned a BA in Business Accounting through Trinity College.   She carries out that commission through her commitment and dedication to raising up this next generation of ministers and leaders to defend Christ dominance by creating more than servants but witnesses of God’s truth both present and yet to come. The ultimate fruit of her apostleship is evidenced by delivering the captives from demonic strongholds and religiously unregenerate minds, using apostolic authority, wisdom, power, and insight.


Nona Parker



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What We Offer

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Antioch Christian Assembly

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Shamar Training Institute​

I fight to win for one reason...
Jesus Christ! When He wins,

I win!
I’m a Kingdom stakeholder!!!



Ecclesia Network of Churches


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What We Offer
Abstract Horizon

Hearing, Heading and Reaping God's Prophecies in their Season

Prophetic Protocols, Standards and Criteria

Creation Rules of Order

​​​​​​The Technology of Prophetic Fulfillment…and much more!

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